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MechTech, Inc. has trained and certified personnel who are dedicated to providing exceptional Technical Services to our clients.

      MEP System Commissioning
We provide “Hands On” technical commissioning of MEP systems where our technicians and the installing contractors verify the proper operation of each critical system
      HVAC Test & Balance
Our technicians balance all systems and provide practical recommendations for resolution of problems encountered during the Testing and Balancing
      Life Safety Systems Commissioning
Fire Alarm, Smoke Control and Emergency Generator systems are tested and verified in accordance with national and local code requirements
      Infection Control Risk Assessments
We provide technical assistance in planning containment layouts and sizing of the negative air machines to provide the required negative pressurization of the construction area.
      Pharmacy / Cleanroom Testing & Certification
Our firm is Certifed in Cleanroom testing and verification. We provide technical assistance in complying with USP 797 requirements for Pharmacies.
      MEP Plan and Submittal Review
We provide plan review services to check plans and submittals for “Best Practices” based on our years of troubleshooting systems across the country. We also check for proper layout of dampers and valves to ensure a system can be properly balanced.
      Expert Witness Services
Our President, Mike Locke, provides Expert Witness services to the construction industry for mediation, arbitration and litigation.
      MEP Owner Representative
Our team serves as the owners representative for approval of plans and submittals as well as ongoing inspection services throughout the construction of a project.
      Sound & Vibration Testing
We are Certified in Sound and Vibration testing by the NEBB. We provide testing and practical recommendations for resolution of Sound and Vibration problems in HVAC systems.
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